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Living Room Furniture Guide

It’s easy to see why so much care and attention goes into crafting our living room decor, arguably more than any other room in our home.

It’s the place most guests tend to see first. The living room is also a space dedicated to relaxation and entertainment, and as such, we tend to spend quite a lot of time in there. It’s only natural to want to do so in the most inviting space possible.

Usually, the sofa takes centre stage in this most versatile of rooms. Being both a basic need and something special, it’s definitely something that you’ll want to get right.

The main challenge with any living room is to create a functional entertaining space that is also a reflection of your own sense of style. The ideal living room should meet the demands of family life whilst acting as a space where we welcome others into our home.

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Living Room Furniture FAQ's

  • What key pieces do I need to furnish a living room?


    Most people think of sideboards and dressers as being either dining room furniture or farmhouse kitchen furniture. However, if you have the room they are a boon in your living room. We’ve seen our customers use sideboards for everything from storing children’s toys to acting as innovative drinks cabinets; with room for glasses, cocktail shakers and bottles they make an ideal living room bar area. They are also as effective in creating extra space thanks to their ample storage facilities. A sideboard can also act as a makeshift coffee table or an extra surface to display vases or ornaments.

    Make sure you get the proportion of the sideboard right to the size of the room. Just as a large sideboard can easily overwhelm a small room, a smaller one can also look lost or out of place in a space that is too big. The sideboard height is also an important factor to consider against other décor in the room.


    There are so many sofas available, it may seem impossible to pick one. But there are a couple of important things to keep in mind to help guide your decision. Size is the biggest concern, so be sure to measure your space from all angles. It might be that a corner sofa fits best into your living room, so be sure to check out some of our great corner sofas, including several modular options.

    Then think about how many people you would like to seat in your living room. Would a two, three, or four-seater sofa work best? Maybe you want a cosy armchair to snuggle up in with a good book, too. Think about what accessories you want, footstools are great, and some even offer you hidden storage, great for keeping a living room tidy.

    These aren’t the only options to think about, either. Many of our ranges are also available as sofa beds to help you accommodate additional guests. We offer recliners too for those who like to stretch out in comfort. And when it comes to the finishing touches, you can choose from a huge variety of leather and [fabric sofas](

    Coffee tables

    Coffee tables are a fantastic piece to not only hold your drink while you relax, but also displaying with style any ornaments, books or magazines you care to show off. If you need to incorporate additional storage you might want to consider some of our coffee tables with drawers or a shelf underneath.

    TV Units

    We know that it’s not always possible to hang your TV on a wall, so a TV cabinet can be a truly game-changing decorative piece in your living room. Don’t worry, if your room is small or unusually shaped, then a corner TV unit can be a brilliant way to utilise all the space in your room. Corner cabinets can be a perfect way to present your TV in a less obtrusive way whilst also carefully concealing any cables and plugs from view. For larger TVs, our large television cabinet would be the ideal choice, and with ample cupboard storage below, it can hide all your media players and accessories neatly out of sight.

    Storage cabinets

    Whether you are looking for somewhere to tidy away any media, store bottles of wine, clear up kids toys and board games or put away throws and blankets, we offer extremely useful storage solutions that are ideal for everything from displaying ornaments to tidying away throws and bedding or even media. One thing’s certain: you're spoilt for choice here.

    Display Cabinets

    Our display cabinets all vary in range and style, so all that’s left to figure out is which of your prized possessions you are going to display in it.


    A great way of adding character and warmth to your living room furniture suite is to add a bookcase. Once stacked with your favourite tomes and a few ornaments, it will personalise your living room as well as being practical. You’ll have to consider both your living room and storage needs and decide on size. We offer everything from tall bookcases going from floor to almost the ceiling, to small ones which are more versatile around the home, providing storage both in and on top of themselves.

    Console tables

    While these may be popular sights in the hallway or entryway, console tables work a treat for extra storage in the living room, too. You can choose from console tables with storage drawers, or shelves underneath for display. These are great for making a statement in the hall, adding extra surface area for flower displays or ornaments in the home.

    Side tables

    The trick to furnishing a comfortable living room is making sure there are plenty of places to store things and declutter, and to hold your drink. Our range of side tables is a great place to find that. As with all of our furniture, you can pair your side table with furniture from the same range. Based on style and storage needs, you’ll be able to choose from more minimalistic side tables or options with a drawer or shelf.

    Nests of tables

    For those who like their furniture to work double duty, nesting tables are a fantastic option. You can choose from a pair or a trio of nesting tables. Either way, you’ll find them truly useful when space is at a premium or for extra surfaces when entertaining; they can even double as an extra stool for added seating if needed! The stacking nature of the tables means that when you don’t need them they will take up only minimal space.

    Computer desks

    If you want to create a work or office space in your living room, you’ll be happy to know that it’s quite easy to buy a computer desk in your favourite range of living room furniture. This means that it complements your living room’s style, and can blend into the overall look of the space when not in use. For a tower computer, you will need a desk with a large cabinet space so the tower can easily fit. Also bear in mind that you will need additional depth for computer cables and access ducts for safely passing the cables through, whilst helping to discreetly hide any wiring away. For a laptop, you will want to have a large enough drawer or cabinet with shelving so that you can securely store it away when it comes to the end of the working day.


    A nice finishing touch to your living room furniture is to include a mirror. This will give the effect of extra space and light, brightening up a dark corner.


    Traditional or avant-garde? Understated or maximalist? Whatever style you choose, a clock can be the ideal finishing touch to your living room, used to liven up a bare wall, add interest to a chimney breast or simply keep track of your busy life.


    Will you need a floor or table lamp for those evenings when you want a cosier ambience? Or maybe both?

  • What sofa type is right for me?

    Perhaps you’re considering giving your living room a whole new look. With our range of sofas, it couldn’t be easier to choose one you’ll love. Here’s what you need to know about the types of sofas that are available so you can find your ideal place to rest.


    There’s just something so cosy and comfy about having the right armchair, curling up in it with a good book and drinking a hot cup of tea or chocolate. We have armchairs of all styles, wing chairs, recliners, and accent chairs in bold prints or leather.

    2 Seater Sofas

    Smaller sofas with two seats and two back cushions are ideal to comfortably sit two people. Great in apartments, cottages or smaller living rooms, they pack a lot of comfort in a smaller footprint. Many of our 2 seater designs are also available in 3 and 4 seater options in the same shape, design and fabric.

    3 Seater Sofas

    If you’re looking to seat more people, it’s always better to look at a three-seater. The extra space afforded means that people are able to stretch out that little bit more and get cosier in your living room. The perfect way to relax that little bit more.

    4 Seater Sofas

    Ideal for families, larger households or those that really love to stretch out. Our four-seater sofas have got scale by the bucket-load. Whether you prefer a cosy fabric finish or sumptuous real leather, we’ve got you covered.


    All of our sofas can be paired with a matching footstool for ultimate comfort. Some ranges incorporate storage footstools, great for storing general clutter or spare bedclothes for sofabeds.

    Corner Sofas

    Also known as L-shaped sofas, corner sofas feature two sections of seating that form an angle of 90° and are a great choice if you want to make a feature of your room or if you’re looking to seat more people and need to make the most of the space available. Modular ranges means that you can buy the perfect amount of seating for your living space in the shape you need.

    Recliner Chairs

    These are sofas or armchairs that can be easily operated to be in a reclining position by moving the back of the seat down and raising a footrest. Recliner chairs are one of the best options to relax in comfort – at the touch of a button with our electric models, although we stock manual as well.

    Sofa beds

    Two or three-seater sofas that will easily convert into a bed. Extremely useful for overnight guests. We’ve designed our sofa beds to be comfortable, and stylish, so they can easily fit into a living room or multipurpose room scheme.

  • How can I make my living room a more sociable space?

    There are a few things you can do to prepare your space to make sure it’s as welcoming and sociable as possible. Whilst you don’t need to fully redecorate, it’s always a good idea to incorporate a few ideas beforehand to make it easier than ever to be able to relax and make your guests feel relaxed, too.

    Make sure you have enough seating

    Get creative with multi-purpose furniture that can easily be converted to seating in a pinch. Things like footstools can be a place to rest your feet or a small place to sit in a group setting. You can also take advantage of the versatility of our dining chairs and use them in your living room to create additional seating during your gathering.

    Don’t make the TV the focal point

    To prevent your living room from becoming a shrine to the big black box, avoid pointing every piece of seating in its direction. Instead, create cosy conversation areas by facing furniture towards each other in a space or having a few seats that “float” in the room.

    Ensure your room doesn’t lack surface space to set a drink

    Whether you are standing or sitting in someone’s home, there are always times you may need to set something down. So if you are serving snacks, having a coffee table or smaller side tables where guests can free their hands is a great idea.

    Create an ambiance with lighting

    Warm, soft light is both relaxing as well as flattering. As such, creating a cosier atmosphere by dimming the light will certainly make your living room more sociable. You can also switch the main light completely, and rely instead on a few smaller table or floor lamps to create small pockets of light.

    Decorate with conversation starters

    Our unique furniture and accessories are great conversation starters in itself. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to display a few things that might spark a conversation. Whether it’s things picked up on your travels, family photos or a few coffee table books that show off your hobbies and interests, these items bring warmth and personality into a space and truly make it a home.

  • How can I make my living room look bigger?


    Using pale shades will make your room seem bigger and brighter. Light-coloured walls are reflective and you can take advantage of it to maximise the effects of natural light in the area.


    Different flooring styles defining spaces can contribute to making a room look smaller. If possible, it’s always better to have one type of flooring flowing from one area to the next to create an uninterrupted flow, making it feel like the rooms are part of one large space.


    Mirrors are a sure-fire way to make your space feel bigger, taking what sunlight you have available and bouncing it around the room. It’s also always good to place your mirror in a way that it reflects a window of view to add bonus light. Using light-framed mirrors will also help creating an illusion of more space. Similarly, a tall mirror will create the impression of higher ceilings whilst a long wide mirror will lengthen the space.


    Letting natural light in is a great way to add a whole new dimension to your room. However, sometimes you’ll need to use curtains for covering at certain times of the day. To make your room look bigger, hang them as high as possible, vertically, and use adjustable or long solid curtain rods to help create the illusion of spaciousness.


    It may seem obvious, but avoiding overstuffed couches and clunky pieces is a must in smaller spaces. Make sure you have planned for room to manoeuvre around your furniture too. By making sure there is space around your chosen furniture, you create the illusion of a bigger room.


    Daylight works well in opening up a space. But what about after dark? Smaller areas need proper lighting to get the best visual impact and style. Slender floor lamps with both the shade and stand in the same finish will help considerably. Additionally, consider using floor lamps with a small base so the impact on the floor plan isn’t overwhelming.


    Doors can eat precious space in your home. Removing them altogether is a great solution, although it might not be always viable. A solid alternative can be including sliding doors where possible, as these work really well in giving function back to one square meter.


    Including floor-to-ceiling shelving will add a sense of both scale and height to your living room, by drawing the vision upwards. Plus, it offers fantastic storage.


    In smaller rooms, the best option is to use a combination of different sizes and materials with artwork. An artwork’s size plays a pivotal role in the overall scale and proportion of a room.


    Decide on a handful of items you really love and pack the rest away. Placement is equally important. Ideally you’ll create a balance between a visual feast of your favourite things and a calm area. You should also resist the temptation of cramming all your favourite bits together. Instead, try rotating them every few weeks so each one has a turn as the focal point.

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