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Sofa Size Guide: What Size Sofa should i buy?

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charcoal grey scandi style corner sofa

Evie corner sofa

Choosing the right size sofa for your space can be challenging. There are many factors to consider: will there be enough room to move around the sofa; will my whole family and my pets be able to snuggle up together without feeling cramped?

As well as these important questions, there are several things to think about that will help you ensure your new sofa will fit through the front door.

There are some general rules to follow, particularly when it comes to amount of open space that should be left around your sofa. Where walkways are required, leave at least 30" between your sofa and furniture, however, where coffee tables and side tables need to be within reaching distance, this can be reduced to 18".

Aside from allowing space around your new sofa, there are several things to consider that will ensure the style you choose fits through the front door and in your room of choice. This guide shows you how to measure up, find a sofa that fits, and work out where to place it in order to choose your perfect sofa.

What are standard sofa sizes?

Bramble sofa
Bramble sofa

Sofas need to be measured by height, depth and length. Although traditional furniture tends to be standardised, there are often exceptions, especially in contemporary design.

Average sofa sizes

Here are the average sizes of the following:

Loveseat: (W) 130cm x (H) 98cm x (D) 95cm
2-seater sofa: (W) 175cm x (H) 98cm x (D) 95cm
3-seater sofa: (W) 210cm x (H) 98cm x (D) 95cm
4-seater sofa: (W) 240cm x (H) 98cm x (D) 95cm

Before you go shopping, measure the space where you intend to put your sofa, including architectural bends and details like the height of window sills and any declining ceiling heights.

How to measure a corner sofa

Malvern corner sofa

Malvern corner sofa

Corner and modular sofas are a bit trickier to measure due to their irregular shapes, but, for some living rooms, they’re the best option, as they can fit neatly into corners to maximise space or even help you with room zoning.

Remember, corner and modular sofas have greater depths than other sofas, due to their L-shaped footprints, so you’ll want to measure both for your space. You also need to consider the depth to check you have enough space at the front of the sofa.

With corner sofas, bear in mind that you will need to decide whether you want a left-hand corner sofa or a right-hand corner sofa. The layout of a modular sofa can be customised to fit your space, so these must be measured section-by-section and then added together, around every angle, to find the overall width, height and depth.

How do you know if a sofa will fit?

Hepburn sofa

Hepburn sofa

Next, measure the rest of your home, including doorways, hallways, stairways, tight corners and wherever else you will need to manoeuvre your sofa on its way to your room of choice.

This is a really important step, as you want to make sure your sofa will fit through internal doors and halls before it gets delivered. Don’t forget to check if your chosen sofa will arrive in sections for easy access and whether the pillows and cushions can be removed for ease.

How to get a sofa through the door

You also need to consider the diagonal depth of your sofa as it will help you work out if it will fit through your doorways, as these will be unique to your home and won’t always be wide enough to fit the regular depth of the sofa, so you can either turn your sofa on its side or you can twist it through. Measuring each doorway’s height and width before you buy is the best way to work out if your sofa will fit in your home.

How to tell if your sofa will fit upstairs

Gainsborough sofa

Gainsborough sofa

If you live in a flat or your living room is on the upper floor of your home, ensure there won’t be any issues getting it up the stairs. If you have a lift in your building, check whether there are any weight restrictions before choosing this method of access. Otherwise, you’ll need to note the height and width of the stairwell as well as the depth of any corners or turns that may get in your way.

When ordering a sofa from Oak Furnitureland, all our delivery options include delivery to your room of choice, but we ask that you measure your home thoroughly to ensure it will fit. Our handy Will it fit guide includes everything you need to consider before ordering your sofa.

Where to place a sofa

Part of the process of choosing a sofa is thinking about its placement in your room. You want your sofa to be the central piece and focal point, but not swallow up the space, especially if you have a small living room. It also needs to be big enough to fit the whole family.

Consider matching accent chairs, loveseats or armchairs that point slightly away from each other but still come together in a communal space.

Common mistakes when buying a sofa

Although this guide has been about finding a sofa that’s the right size, you also need to consider the upholstery material and whether it fits into your design scheme and lifestyle. Do you want a fabric sofa, a luxe velvet style or a practical leather design? Browse all our sofas to discover the wide range of upholstery options and colours that we offer.

Our advice is to try before you buy. If you can, visit your local showroom to get a good idea of the colour, shape and feel of the sofa. Don’t forget to bring your room measurements with you!

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