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Black Leather Sofas

Available From £800

Quality leather, all over Quality leather, all over
Lifetime frame guarantee Lifetime frame guarantee
Solid wood frames Solid wood frames
Recliner options for extra comfort Recliner options for extra comfort
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7 day delivery available*

Black leather sofas are the classically comfortable option for the most important seat in the house. Laid-back and modern, the classy upholstery and trendy shapes will add that sought-after edge to any family home.

Ideal for the rough and tumble that comes with day-to-day life, but never sacrificing style for function, a black leather sofa will be the focal point of your living room for years to come. Make sure to invest in one of our leather care kits to help keep your sofa in tip-top condition, no matter how many family members are piling onto the desperately comfy pillows.

Mixed and matched with fabric seating or left alone to let the glossy material shine - read more about this trend here - black leather sofas come in a number of timeless silhouettes, so you’ll never have to worry about your investment going out of style. Here’s our guide to incorporating fashionable, statement-making seating into your living room configuration.

A living room with a black couch can appeal to numerous themes: softly Scandi if accentuated by a limited palette of blues and navys, contemporary and industrial with metal accenting, and cleverly retro if paired with gold and brass pieces. Of course, the ultimate contrast with black is white, so monochrome works an absolute treat with a black leather settee - just make sure you incorporate subtle flashes of colour with fresh green houseplants or framed prints in order to achieve depth.

In terms of wood choice, we would recommend the aforementioned industrial style furniture which combines grain-patterned oak with greyscale alloy for ultra-contemporary chic. Alternatively, the traditional rustic oak provides just enough contrast without being too dark; its rich tones pair well with black leather and light walls and floors.

What should I look for in a black leather sofa?

You’ll want to ensure that the sofa you’re investing in prioritises quality and comfort - after all, it will sit at the heart of your home for years to come. When choosing a black leather sofa from Oak Furnitureland, you won’t have to worry about style over substance - all of our sofas are designed to meet the highest of standards.

Our sofas are built to last: they’re fitted with sturdy hardwood frames and softened with comfy pillows to optimise your relaxation time. Plus, our leather is not only springy, but also durable enough to withstand anything life throws at it.

What size black leather sofa should I get?

Now you’re set on black leather, the size of the sofa should be completely down to the space you have available. Whether tucked cosily into a small corner or providing a seat for each and every member of the family, black leather sofas are adaptable and add a little flash of drama to your lounge space - here are some of versions of black leather sofas that you can make central to your home interiors:

Black leather corner sofas

L-shaped black leather sofas are able to be configured especially for your space; whether right or left-handed, consider your complex layouts taken care of. Perhaps you need one to fit exactly in a specific corner or you want to split a large room in half - whatever your needs, black leather corner sofas command relaxation while remaining practical.

Black leather recliner sofas

Corner sofas are great for kicking back, but nothing aids total unwind like black leather recliner sofas. Put your feet up every day of the week with electric (ideal for customers with mobility issues) or manual recliners. Once you’re enchanted by their magic, you’ll never go back to regular old power naps.

Black leather sectional sofas

We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer black leather modular sofas: the completely customisable option. Bit by bit, you can design a sofa to fit your own specific requirements, which is particularly useful in homes with excess space and a lot of family members fighting over the TV. This is the functional choice for a home with individual needs.

Black leather sofa sets

Sofa sets create a cohesive look; pull together your vision by investing in one singular sofa or an entire set that you can arrange in a way that makes your living room shine. With black leather, the possibilities are endless.

Black leather two seater sofa

An elegant cuddle spot for two, black leather two seater sofas are small but mighty. With plump cushions and comfort-inducing arm pads, they still benefit from the same amount of thoughtful design as a larger sofa, but without swallowing up your living room.

Black leather three seater sofa

Bold as the solo seating option or uniform with a number of other pieces from the same sofa set, black leather three seater sofas give more elbow room when sitting down to enjoy a well-earned cuppa.

For more on how to choose a sofa, please see our Sofa Guide for a step-by-step breakdown. Otherwise, shop our full range of sofas today.


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