Looking for a new wardrobe, but not sure where to start? Not a problem! These hardworking furniture heroes are great for adding extra storage to your home and are surprisingly simple to work into any decor scheme. With our top tips, you’ll be able to choose the perfect wardrobe for your home, with confidence.

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Consider the materials

Wardrobes get a lot of use, day after day, so you’ll want to choose one made from hard-wearing materials to ensure it stands the test of time. Think about all the shoes you chuck into it or the amount of times you open and close the door while choosing the day’s outfit.

We make all our wardrobes out of solid hardwood only for exactly this reason. Of course, we love oak for its durability, but also the variety of styles it allows, from the traditional to the modern, with cheerful natural and honey-toned rustic finishes.

We’ve also used solid hardwood in the hanging rail, too, for quality inside and out. Because your wardrobe is such a hardworking piece in your home, we’d never skimp on the details. The backs are made from sturdy hardwood panels, and many of our wardrobes feature a storage drawer underneath as well. Our drawers are all made with sturdy dovetail joins, which not only look great, but also add to the strength, so no matter how many clothes you choose to cram into them, they won’t bend or bow.

When you’re choosing a wardrobe to truly stand the test of time in your home, solid hardwood is always a reliable choice!

Size matters

Once you’ve chosen your preferred material and finish, you can narrow down your choices by thinking about the room you’re going to be placing them in.

From a practical perspective, think about your measurements first. To accurately measure for a wardrobe, you’ll need to make sure that you can fit the boxes through your doorways, stairs, hallways, and even lifts (if your building has one). Don’t just think about the height and width of the doors, think about the depth too as you will need enough space to rotate the piece to fit through doors and around corners.

Thankfully, we’ve designed most of our wardrobes to come in two pieces with an easy mounting system. This means that you can fit them into smaller spaces, since the base and top are separate, and you don’t have such a blocky piece to work with. We include the measurement for all parts in the description, so you can easily measure up.

And one more thing to consider – your ceiling height! That way, you can determine if you’d like to store anything on top of your wardrobe, or if the piece is in the way of any lighting features. We love the look of storage baskets in natural textures like rattan on top to keep out-of-season clothing and accessories. Or why not top your wardrobe with some fresh or faux plants to bring the outside in!

 Design tips and tricks

Parquet oak wardrobe in a bedroom with gold accessories, a textured wall hanging and house plants.

Parquet wardrobe | @maddiemoovesin

Finally, it comes down to thinking about style and the finished look of your room. If you’re trying to coordinate your wardrobe style with pieces you already own, consider how you want the room to come together. Try matching the tones of the wood with pieces you already own for a cohesive scheme such as natural oak with lighter wood tones. If you’re looking to add a little bit of contrast to the space, why not try mixing and matching colours. Our painted collections are a great backdrop to other wood finishes. Or, if you have upholstered or mirrored furniture, rustic oak is fantastic for adding an organic feeling to a room.

Additionally, if your room is small, and you’re worried about making it look boxed-in with bigger furniture pieces, try bringing in a lighter painted wardrobe into the room. The smooth texture of our painted ranges helps to bounce light around the room, and prevent a room from feeling enclosed. 

Does your room have an unusual layout? Wardrobes can play a big part in helping to define the space. If you love the look of built-ins, but can’t fit them into the room, why not tuck a wardrobe on either side of an alcove to create that custom look. If you have an L-shaped or long and narrow room, why not section the room into a “sleeping” area and a dressing room area. Add a mirror and small accent chair to your new wardrobe set up to create the perfect space to get ready every morning. And if you need more bedroom furniture layout tips, check out our furniture guides!

All in all, choosing a wardrobe shouldn’t feel like a chore, and these tips should set you up on your way to finding the best storage solution for your bedroom.

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